Hi my name is Ger and I’m a mother of one. My husband and I bought a cargo bike through the bike to work scheme as our second car and it has fast become our favourite mode of transport. We use it every day and our son loves it too. It’s such a great way to get around. I highly recommend getting one if you’re tempted! Follow my blog on what we get up to. You will see the challenges we sometimes come across with the lack of cycling infrastructure in Dublin but you will also get some great ideas of things to do!

I often cycle to the local park with Martin’s (my son) trike or buggy in the cargo bike so we can venture around once we reach our destination. As it’s Easter Sunday today we brought our Easter bunnies with us to Beechpark Clonsilla. This is a small park with a lovely playground suitable particularly for younger children.

I hope you find my blog posts enjoyable and informative. Cycling is a great way to get around, clear the cobwebs and get the blood flowing and braincells working!

Stay safe!

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