Pure Indulgence

Yet another weekend is already upon on us. Where to cycle to? We were tired this weekend after a particularly heavy week so decided to keep it simple and very local. A short outing to grab a coffee and enjoy time in the park as a family was enough to give us the satisfied feeling of doing something at least on Saturday. So off we went towards Littlepace Village to a lovely Bistro and Bakery called Pure Indulgence.

I came across this special little place last year coming up to Christmas time. My sister gave me a gift of their Christmas jam which was the most delicious treat I’ve had in such a long time. It was literally Christmas in a jar – pure magic! I ended up ordering so many jars they ran out of them but made more and I gifted them as part of my Christmas gifts to friends and staff. Needless to say, once others tried it, I was asked where I got it! I’ll have to stock up next Christmas as through my gifting, I’ve given myself competition!! Today as I was collecting our coffees (which is a really nice coffee btw) I spotted they do afternoon tea!! I will definitely be trying that very soon.

They also decorate beautiful cakes and sell yummy food. Have a look at their facebook page to get an idea of the delicious treats you can get there. I’ve linked it here: https://www.facebook.com/pureindulgence12/

With Covid restrictions in place at the moment you obviously can’t sit in to enjoy your purchases but we probably prefer finding a nice spot under the trees in nearby Hazelbury Park anyway. Martin can roam around freely and make as much noise as he likes!

It looks like fitness equipment are about to be installed to this park actually as you can see by the temporary orange fencing dotted around the green. Of course my little monkey couldn’t resist crawling over to them!!

Lots of giggles and fun was had. Why do we buy toys and the likes when such fun can be had with the simplest of things? It reminds me of the Christmas add when I was a child where the children played in the giant box instead of with the special Santa gift!

Soon enough our coffee cups were empty and it was time to head home. We’re lucky to have cycle path the whole way. A few bumps along the way could be improved but for the most part they’re in good condition.

We certainly were three happy campers on Saturday … thank you Pure Indulgence and Hazelbury Park!

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