The Most Sociable Bike You Can Buy!

I first came across a cargobike when my boyfriend at the time (now husband) kept saying he wanted one. I didn’t see the benefits or couldn’t justify the spend. I suggested we borrow one for our wedding, decorate it and get photos around Dublin. Paul was thrilled with the idea and we had such a laugh. The attention we got that day … the laughs, the comments, the (friendly) beeps and cheers (including from Viking Splash Tours) all made for a really positive experience. I assumed at the time the attention was because we were in our wedding finery.

When we decided to get a cargobike we thought about it as our second car, a handy way to get to the shops, a great way to bring our son around and a means of getting and keeping fit. I never once thought about how much more sociable it would be and how much it would attract people to us. I still assumed my wedding dress was what got the attention years before (how vain, haha!!).

I am yet to go out on a journey, big or small, where I don’t get stopped to talk to someone. It has been a fabulous catalyst to meeting people in our area.

The kids love it. We often get requests to take them on journeys. Teenagers jokingly ask if they can have a go. With Covid we always decline except for within our own bubble but bring back the fun days ahead when we can say yes, hop in!

Cars beep and wave as we pass. Dogs jump up for a pet from Martin. People ask us about our bike and we’ve gotten to know so many lovely, friendly people because of it. Our community circle has really grown and I’m so grateful for what this amazing bike has brought to my life.

I couldn’t recommend highly enough a cargobike as a means of transport. It’s more than just a bike. It’s an ice-breaker, a de-stresser, convenient, fun, an attraction and simply a better way of life!

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