Chilling for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

We kept it local this weekend. We had planned to cycle into Dublin city but that was quickly cancelled with the news bulletins about crowding issues. Instead we took it easy. Here’s a link to an RTÉ news bulletin about it:

I’m not sure if I said this already in my earlier posts or not, but I’m a teacher in a primary school. June is a particularly busy month. Due to the restrictions we can’t go on our usual school tours but instead I’m organising a few local outings for my class to enjoy. While we were working from home I set a maths challenge every Friday called ‘Martin’s Maths’ where I’d share a photo or video of Martin doing something and turn it into a maths question. Since returning to school I’ve often been asked by the children how Martin is and if he can give them another ‘Martin’s Maths’ question. To which I’ve replied “I’m afraid not …” I was delighted to return to school as I was starting to struggle to come up with more, haha!

Instead of setting more ‘Martin’s Maths’ I decided to do a ‘Where’s Martin?’ challenge instead. So off my family went to the local park beside my school to take photos of Martin enjoying the area. The rain didn’t deter me cycling on Saturday. It was quite a nice day despite the odd shower. Hopefully my class will enjoy running around to piece together the clues I now need to make. Got some nice photos of my cutie … bonus!

On Sunday we cycled to my sister’s house to enjoy homemade pizza in her garden. It was so nice to see family and enjoy a delicious meal together. It was also a chance for Martin to actually get to know family other than his mammy and daddy. Something he’s finding a little challenging the poor pet. He did enjoy their dog Daisy and playing with his cousins. The weather was so nice on Sunday we took the cover off the bike which really excited Martin. He had a much better view of the world around him. He even left with a gift of a second hand helmet which I was delighted with even if he wasn’t!! Thank you sis 😊

It’s lovely having that extra day in the weekend on a bank holiday. We did go on a family cycle locally today and bumped into my good friend Lulu out walking with her father and chanced our arm by calling into my brother who was home so we chatted out his front for a while. I ended up napping when we got home 😴 Better finish up here and enjoy what’s left of Monday!

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