Handy Cycling Tips

I just had a thought … not everyone has a Paulest (Paul is the best!) in their lives, like I thankfully do, to give cycling advice. With that in mind, here are a few of his gems that I’ve taken on board since commuting to work.

Don’t hug the kerb, you’re inviting cars to over take you. You will also meet all the drains which are not good for your tyres. Any pot holes you come across, which I find are many in Ireland, cause you to need to swerve out on the road. If you’re already out a little,  you have room to play with even though it’s only marginal.

If it rains after a spell of glorious sunny weather that we all love, take more care as a greasy film will be on the roads as a result of the changeable weather. Be careful whether on a cycle lane or on the road.

Hold your position on the road at lights by using the ASL. Normally there’s an Advanced Signal Line or box up at the lights. You get a headstart of the traffic by using this.

It’s worth paying for puncture resistant tyres (image is linked) to save you lots of repairs. This is especially useful with a cargo bike as it’s that little bit more difficult to change the tyres if you do get a puncture. Raising the cargo bike off the ground is not easy!

Okay, so this picture doesn’t quite work but it isn’t dark and when you can’t get the right photo, stick one of cute Martin in instead! Well he is at least playing with a car which is related to the point I’m about to make!! Avoid cycling when it’s dark and raining because driver’s visibility is greatly reduced.

If you have a cargo bike, go slower around roundabouts as you may get a puncture with the weight change and there’s also a higher possibility of you slipping too so take it easy! Also, give the driver eye contact so you know they see you. Always treat roundabouts like you are in a cars’ blind spot.

Allow a little space when passing a parked car as they may suddenly open their door without noticing you approaching from behind. Be mindful of this and try keep an eye for passengers or drivers still in their car seat.

When crossing a LUAS line approach at an angle so that your wheels don’t get wedged between the tram lines. Also, slow down and take your time here while also keeping a careful eye for an oncoming LUAS.

That’s the lot! Or at least all I can think of. Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there today.

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