Sunny Summer Days!

I’ve visited the Phoenix Park nearly every second day this week. Good weather tends to make you get out. I decided the beach would be thronged and due to the Delta variant of Covid, we’d keep it local (less crowded!).

I love the park. I lived nearer to it growing up and didn’t go there as often as I do now, typical!!

We met up with my good friend Susan and her daughter Ríona in Farmleigh one of the days. Had Covid not restricted us, we would have enjoyed meeting up during our maternity leaves often. Martin and Ríona would have been firm friends by now. Instead, this was their first time meeting at 13 and 17 months of age and with distance! We still enjoyed the brief chat between Susan running after Ríona whose up on her feet and me chasing my bum shuffler before he reached the water!!

We fed the ducks … well tried to but Martin had his eyes on the oats for himself 😂.

Later in the week Martin got to spend time with his cousin Ellen. Another lovely little lady he should know better by now. It’s nice to get the opportunity to make up for lost time. Thank you summer holidays! Uncle Niall and daddy joined us too. Just as well because we got a flat tyre 🙈. It turned into flat tyre day as we met a guy en route to Ashtown Visitor Centre with a flat on his scooter. So Niall and Paul kindly offered their services!

Father and Son Cycling Services 😂😂😂

We enjoyed a lovely picnic. The queue for the cafe there was really long. Thankfully Ellen, Martin and I had sorted ourselves out with our home made picnics but the two gents joined the queue for purchased goodies (and a coffee for me!) It took them 30/40 minutes so I recommend bringing your own if you’re heading there. I can understand the queue, the food is delicious there!

You can’t beat quality family time. Especially when it includes walking in the tall grass with daddy in Millennium Park. We went there one afternoon to help tire Martin out and encourage him to get a full night’s sleep later … it worked! 😴

It’s been a busy week. We even fit in the time to do a good deed … Martin helped to clean aunty Emer’s car that got lots of bird poo on it after parking outside granny and grandad’s house! Martin was extremely hydrated afterwards! Haha! The photos explain it all!

I’m in my water gear ready to get wet!
Sparkling! Well done Martin!

You can fit so much in a cargo bike, it really is such an enjoyable way to travel. We cycled along part of the canal for each trip above. It’s such a pity they haven’t finished the sections we would use regularly yet. Between Castleknock and Maynooth really does need work. If only they would start on the sections that can be done now. At least that would be a help!

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