Cycling into Town

We decided to cycle into town for the first time since Martin was born. We used to cycle in almost every weekend since … well back when we first started dating actually. With Covid restrictions we couldn’t go when it was beyond our 5k but then it just wasn’t first on our list of trips with a young boy. Getting used to motherhood, keeping journeys local and Covid restrictions all played their part in deciding not to make the trip to town.

The quays have really improved for cyclists with the new Liffey Cycle Route.

There was one little section opposite the Ashling Hotel that was too narrow for my cargobike and another that meant I had to cross over three lanes of traffic in order to stay on the cycle lane. Thankfully we got a green bike traffic light head start but without clear signage I would’ve actually missed it only for Paul already being aware of it. Also, I’m not sure how that would’ve worked had we not met a red light at that junction! Once you cross over it’s an much more enjoyable cycling experience as there are boxed plants between you and the cars.

It was a really enjoyable journey ending at Chez Max Palace St right beside the entrance to Dublin Castle. This is a particularly special restaurant to us. We met there often for lunch and dinner dates. We got engaged there and enjoyed our anniversaries there too. Today was a special day as we got to return after such a long absence and bring Martin with us!

As always the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The food is extremely delicious. I adore French cuisine. If you want tasty food, I couldn’t recommend anywhere else higher. When things go back to normal again it’s a great restaurant to go to for an early bird meal followed by a show at the Olympia Theatre across the road.

We went home via Little Italy which is near Smithfield on North King Street. This place is a little gem of a shop with Italian treats galore. If you’re into cooking and food then this is a place you really want to visit. It’s great value and full of delicious savoury and sweet Italian food items.

Cycling home from there however wasn’t ideal as the traffic is constantly busy and cyclists need to cross lanes through it. This shop is worth visiting but personally I prefer to drive there while the cycling infrastructure isn’t up to par.

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