The Perfect Fit!

While I was out shopping with Martin this week the stroller we had broke 🙈. It owed us nothing as we got it for free in fairness but still, it wasn’t ideal when I needed to visit a few shops for birthday gifts and was already at the shops! I needed a quick replacement that would fit in the cargo bike as I had cycled to the shops.

Ever notice you practically need a PHD to fold up a buggy or stroller? Most of them are extremely difficult to close up. I needed to find one that would take the weight of my adorable but large for his age boy. Martin isn’t walking independently yet so I wasn’t about to carry him shopping.

I had a look in Smyths toys while I was there but not only did no one working there come to help me, I couldn’t close either of the two contenders there so I left and went to mamas and papas around the corner. There I found the perfect buggy for any cargobike mums and dads out there. It’s called the Airo range and you’ll find a link to it here.

While it did cost me a pretty penny I hadn’t budgeted for this month, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ couldn’t be more appropriate. I bought the mint one without any bells and whistles of cup holders or foot muffs etc. and it cost me €470 as there was a special offer on. The major selling point is the size it compacts down to and how easily it folds. I can literally do it one-handed!

The staff in mamas and papas were incredibly helpful and even let me trial it in the cargobike before committing to buying it. They also let me stay out with Martin (sitting in the bike) while they got it all ready and out of the packaging. I just ran in to pay with my card for the few seconds it took. They also took the broken buggy for me even though they don’t normally do that anymore. Thank you mamas and papas for making this mama very happy!

Having a foldable buggy opens up the possibilities of where we can go and what we can do with our cargobike. With this buggy in tow, I can seat 2 children in my 4 seater cargobike. For now, Martin and his changing bag are all I need space for and I’ve plenty room for them yippee!

My picnic blanket and insulated bag are in there too of course! You can’t beat a good catch up with a friend along with a picnic! This week we caught up with Elaine. Thanks for bringing the bubbles Elaine! Great idea, Martin loved popping them 😊.

He couldn’t even wait the few seconds it would take me to change his nappy hahaha!!

It was lovely picnicking with Elaine. Must do it again soon! ❤

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