Bank Holiday Weekend

I’m beginning to wish I’d booked a holiday this summer but with Covid in mind we decided to take the hit and stay put. After all, what’s one summer? Nothing in the grand scheme of things. With a week of rain and hearing about friends and family heading off on their travels, my holidays at home are starting to look a little like ‘Groundhog Day’! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be supporting local businesses and enjoying finding things to do and places to cycle to but there really isn’t anything that substitutes that feeling of getting on a plane and visiting a sunny country for a week or two.

Distant memories!

Back in my single days I used to spend the whole 2 months holidays abroad. I could afford to do that then and even when I couldn’t, I somehow managed to scrimp the pennies to manage it! I’m still friends with some of those people I met back then. We all have families now. I really look forward to (hopefully) next summer when we can organise a get together and let our children meet for the first time. Penpals in the making!!

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with that cute face?!

It’s our four year anniversary today. The first cargo bike trip happened after our wedding. We borrowed one especially. I never thought I’d one day own a cargobike and absolutely love it so much that it would become my main form of transport.

I use it to go to the shops, to bring Martin places, to commute to work and to explore. It’s hands down the best purchase I’ve ever made. It’s brought down our costs dramatically too which is a complete added bonus! So I guess all that’s left to say is, happy holidays everyone no matter how you choose to spend it this year I hope you at least get that sweet feeling like I do when the breeze blows through my hair … magic!

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