Train spotting

With most kids activity centres closed (thank you Covid pandemic!) the question of how to entertain your children on rainy days like we’ve had this weekend got me thinking of what people did before devices and the likes. So off to the local train station Martin and I went. Full disclosure, his daddy gave me the idea … thank you Paul xx

We parked and locked up. Martin enjoyed looking out at the canal. We passed a few minutes here and enjoyed the sound of the birds chirping.

When we were done, it was time to turn the corner and go on to the platform. The station master was delighted to let us through to watch the trains.

We had 10 minutes to pass so I was more than happy to let Martin climb up the stairs himself. I thought it would pass a bit of time but he flew up 🙈 much to my horror as we don’t have stairs at home I stupidly assumed he’d take a bit of time!
He paused to look left and right when he noticed the gates open for the train and close off the road to cars about to cross over the train line.
It was lovely seeing him on the look out.
I’d like to thank every train driver that passed as each and every one of them waved at us, making my boy and I feel very welcome and special!

After a few trains had passed I could see we had a bit of time before the next one would arrive so I carried Martin down the stairs and we walked along the platform. As I got to the bottom of the stairs the station master came over and handed me treats for Martin. He was so kind and helpful! I popped the treats in my pocket and on we went.

First to the seats, he enjoyed yoyo-ing up and down along them. It’s the little things that entertain the most!!
We took the lift up the second bridge and Martin enjoyed poking his fingers through the small dots of the bridge panels.
For any cyclists who want to bring their bike on the train, it’s only allowed off peak and there are 2 racks on one end of the train.

Next it was time to take out the surprise treat! (I took the Smarties home as I didn’t want to ruin his lunch later)

They went down really well with himself and mammy didn’t get a look in! 😂
Still on the look out for passing trains!
We even got a game of peek-a-boo in (don’t you just love that smile?!)

It was finally time to head home as the heavier rain clouds were looming over our heads. As we were leaving, our lovely station master told me that there is a train that leaves at a quarter past the hour in off peak times that travels 3 stops, then after 10 minutes it returns. Perfect little trip for my cutie patootie. That’s one activity for next week sorted, hurraaaay!!

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  1. A lovely bedtime read! It’s the little things…. Sometimes the most simple things are what a young child enjoys the most. Sometimes we forget that. We arrived on holidays in Seafield today and the most exciting part for a 12 and 14 year old? Bubbles from Lidl that cost 1.99 with giant wands!


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