I’m Still Cycling!

Ironically this week I’m not cycling as while cycling home from school last Friday I got a flat tyre on the back wheel of my cargo bike. My hero of a husband tried to fix it but unfortunately ran into difficulty so we’re waiting for a professional to come to not only fix it but teach us how to do it. I’d love to find a course on maintenance of a cargo bike as it’s different to standard bikes and you just end up stranded waiting for a specific professional to help when something goes wrong.

The tiniest bit of glass has me off the bike for a week now, and counting!

I’ve been gone a few months now from my blog. My mother’s death zapped all the words from me. I was still cycling to playgrounds, shops and parks. Still ferrying my child everywhere in it but coming up with blog posts failed me. Tbh, I didn’t even think about it much. Grief is a rollercoaster ride. It’s tough, very tough and still tough but this morning something brought me back and I don’t even know why but here I am again, hello! I hope to return weekly. Whether that happens in reality or not is yet to be seen. I’m on a different journey right now and need to see where that road leads me.

Until then I can still trust Martin to surprise me daily 😂.

Life goes on and I went back to work, (what felt like too soon but standard in Ireland) which was probably a good thing to help me find my way. I can honestly say that cycling REALLY helped. There’s something about the breeze on your face. It clears the cobwebs, frees your mind. Whether a short or long journey, alone or with Martin sitting in the cargo seat, cycling really helped me. I’ve noticed my son enjoys sitting there too. Some days he’s quietly reflecting, taking in his surroundings, other days he’s happily babbling or singing. What I don’t experience is a tantrum or shouting when in the bike. This week I’ve had to drive to work as the logistics of dropping Martin to the child minder on the way with my other (regular) bike make it too difficult. (Note: I must look into a child seat for that bike as a future back up) I’ve definitely noticed a difference in my child’s moods. Bearing in mind he’s the dreaded age of ‘ terrible two ‘ however, I think part of it is less fresh air. I’m also more likely to stop and take him out to explore on the bike than the car. I really look forward to having the bike fixed so this part of life can go back to normal.

Martin does love a good steering wheel!
Or steering the Jeanie Johnston on the Liffey!
He even had the excitement of sitting in an ambulance
Ooohhh the lights!
Time to inspect the wheels
Inspecting the tractor’s wheels too
He’s so fascinated with wheels, I must teach him how to change a tyre so we can get out of the bubble we’re stuck in!!

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