Spring is here!

The brighter mornings definitely are here which is lovely for us cyclists. You feel a good deal safer cycling to work in the morning when you feel you are more visible. That said, there is something cosy about being wrapped up and in the dark. I’ve always loved that feeling even as a child under my duvet, snuggled and warm on a cold evening or dark morning.

It’s been quite cold lately. I do love to wear a nice wooly jumper with a scarf and hat. I think it’s my favourite style actually! I had a week driving to work because I got a flat tyre on the cargo bike but once it was fixed I was back on the bike. It really is, regardless of the cold,a nicer way to travel. Martin preferred it too, no doubt about that. There’s no beating the tweeting of the birds as you pass by. You notice the changes in the seasons and are more aware of your surroundings. It really stood out to me after a week in the car.

Well, the buds are starting to bloom and the nicer weather is on its way so my woolies will need to be put away soon. Our daffodils are well on their way. My mum gave us the bulbs. I’m looking forward to them brightening up our entrance. A mix of white and yellow daffodils 💛 bring on spring time!

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