The Shackleton Garden

If you wanted to visit a walled garden then I highly recommend making your way to Clonsilla to visit the Shackleton Garden. If you wanted fresh fruit and veg you could time it well on a Saturday and purchase in the Eco Farm which is in the same entrance (I previously blogged about that if… Continue reading The Shackleton Garden

Spring is here!

The brighter mornings definitely are here which is lovely for us cyclists. You feel a good deal safer cycling to work in the morning when you feel you are more visible. That said, there is something cosy about being wrapped up and in the dark. I’ve always loved that feeling even as a child under… Continue reading Spring is here!

I’m Still Cycling!

Ironically this week I’m not cycling as while cycling home from school last Friday I got a flat tyre on the back wheel of my cargo bike. My hero of a husband tried to fix it but unfortunately ran into difficulty so we’re waiting for a professional to come to not only fix it but… Continue reading I’m Still Cycling!

A Mother Like No Other

The world lost a wonderful woman today, She’s gone up to heaven forever to stay. The life that she lead was so full of love, For each of her children who she was proud of. She truly was … a mother like no other. I remember her teaching me silly games to play Some of… Continue reading A Mother Like No Other

Train spotting

With most kids activity centres closed (thank you Covid pandemic!) the question of how to entertain your children on rainy days like we’ve had this weekend got me thinking of what people did before devices and the likes. So off to the local train station Martin and I went. Full disclosure, his daddy gave me… Continue reading Train spotting

Bank Holiday Weekend

I’m beginning to wish I’d booked a holiday this summer but with Covid in mind we decided to take the hit and stay put. After all, what’s one summer? Nothing in the grand scheme of things. With a week of rain and hearing about friends and family heading off on their travels, my holidays at… Continue reading Bank Holiday Weekend

Trips with Daisy

This week we dog sat my sister’s dog Daisy. While it came with unexpected difficulties it was still lovely to see Martin enjoying the company of a (very cute) dog! We strapped her into the cargobike and kept the journeys short and therefore local. Millennium Park have a wild flower section that is blooming beautifully… Continue reading Trips with Daisy

The Perfect Fit!

While I was out shopping with Martin this week the stroller we had broke 🙈. It owed us nothing as we got it for free in fairness but still, it wasn’t ideal when I needed to visit a few shops for birthday gifts and was already at the shops! I needed a quick replacement that… Continue reading The Perfect Fit!

Cycling into Town

We decided to cycle into town for the first time since Martin was born. We used to cycle in almost every weekend since … well back when we first started dating actually. With Covid restrictions we couldn’t go when it was beyond our 5k but then it just wasn’t first on our list of trips… Continue reading Cycling into Town

Weekend in Leitrim

We spent the weekend in Leitrim. It was really lovely to enjoy a bit of family time away from home. We even got out for a cycle … we didn’t bring the cargo bike! I have to warn right off the bat that I was snap happy!!! We booked 2 nights at Canal Bank House… Continue reading Weekend in Leitrim

Dublin Zoo

Martin got to visit Dublin Zoo for the first time today. It was really easy to book a slot online. With Covid restrictions they have a great set up with a one way system in place. I look forward to things opening up regularly again, I will definitely get a family annual pass. It’s well… Continue reading Dublin Zoo

Comparing Costs

Every month I put together an Excel document to tally our spending. Then I divide it in half so that my husband or I can reimburse each other the excess. This means I have an itemised history of our spending. Today I decided to compare the cost of petrol since getting the bike against the… Continue reading Comparing Costs