Our Bike

We bought our cargobike, which is a Babboe Big, from The Dutch Bike Shop. Astrid and Frank are extremely helpful and great to deal with. You will find them online at https://dutchbikeshop.ie

We used the Bike to Work scheme to help make it more affordable by spreading the cost over a year with a tax break too. It’s a great scheme that can be availed of every 4 years in case you want another bike in the future. My husband always says the amount of bikes you need are n+1, meaning you can always have one more! I’ve linked the website here: https://www.biketowork.ie

If, like us, a second car would stretch the budget too tight then I recommend this mode of transport. At first, my husband was the one to advocate getting a cargobike and I needed a little convincing. Since getting the bike, you can’t get me off it! I prefer it for many reasons. The head space I get after leaving work. I find I will have let go of any frustrations from the day by the time I collect Martin from his minder. Martin is calm when we start moving. He clearly really enjoys looking around him and the gentle breeze and movement. The fitness I’m getting en route to and from work. The social interaction is second to none. From waving at people as we pass, knowing every dog owner and dog by their names, the conversations the bike starts, the children begging their parents for one of their own or a go in our bike, I could go on. Since getting this bike I have gotten to know many more people living in my area. I use the bike to pop to the shops, getting there much quicker than driving around and looking for a car park space. I also use it to get a bit of fresh air or to bring Martin to a playground. We can move on further if the local playground is too full (with Covid this has become an issue at times) and get to another one instead in no time. The bike has electric assist which is great to have. I’m happy to cycle the bike without using the electric assist too and it is easy to manoeuvre. Both my husband and I can cycle the bike despite there being a difference of literally 1 foot in our heights. We just need to higher or lower the seat.

If by now I haven’t tempted you then I guess I never will! Your loss – haha!

Minutes after writing this post I came across a blog which gives a very detailed review with the pros and cons of the Babboe Big. It’s well worth a read. https://www.cargobikelife.ie/index.php/2020/01/16/review-of-the-babboe-big-cargo-electric-bike/

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