A Mother Like No Other

The world lost a wonderful woman today,

She’s gone up to heaven forever to stay.

The life that she lead was so full of love,

For each of her children who she was proud of.

She truly was … a mother like no other.

I remember her teaching me silly games to play

Some of which I still use today

When teaching my classes how to let go

Have fun and you’ll learn more you know!

She truly was … a mother like no other.

The holidays we’d go on were always the best,

Some fun in the sun as well as a rest.

Making new friends was her forte

She always had a lot to say!

She truly was … a mother like no other.

It’s hard to believe we won’t see you again

Or hear your voice and laugh, but then

It wasn’t fair to keep you here

When your heart was suffering, it was clear

That your time had come to no longer stay

I love you, I miss you but just want to say;

Thank you for being my mother, who was truly like no other.

Written in memory of my mother Deirdre who died on Friday 13th August 2021.


  1. beautiful thoughts. Deirdre was always a great maternal figure to everyone. I remember her at age 10 taking such good care of me on Portally beach. I was around 3. She was a great Cousin and I looked forward to her lovely long letters telling me all about her beautiful children and grandchildren. I am heart broken, and my thoughts are with Phillip and all her children and grandchildren and of course siblings Liam and Emer.


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