Dublin Zoo

Martin got to visit Dublin Zoo for the first time today. It was really easy to book a slot online. With Covid restrictions they have a great set up with a one way system in place. I look forward to things opening up regularly again, I will definitely get a family annual pass. It’s well worth the value. There’s so much to do and see there. Their website is great too. They have links to live webcams of the animals, a discovery and learning centre and a conservation section. Check out the link below to their website if you want to have a look. It’s very clear when you visit that they take excellent care of the animals.


For us, bike parking is always an issue. Dublin Zoo have plenty spaces for bikes just beyond the season ticket holder’s entrance. You can see Martin measuring the place up here! It could do with a clean up of the leaves but other than that it’s great!

We were one of the first to arrive for the first slot which starts at 9:30am. We didn’t queue up immediately (clueless newbie parents!) when suddenly we spotted a long queue emerging so we got in line! It was fine, we sailed in once the doors were open. There was a very pleasant man up at the top keeping things moving. Martin loved the farm animals. They were the first stop on the route. When the peacock called out, Martin was in his element! He got so excited he copied his call back to him and they had a little stand off haha!

Martin decided a toilet visit was our next port of call! I have to say, we were very impressed with how clean it was. We also loved that the baby changing room was accessible for both men and women. So handy when it takes many hands to change one wriggly little fellow’s nappy!

Next the elephants … there was another lovely, helpful zoo worker, this time a girl, telling everyone lots of interesting information here about the elephants. Martin kept reaching out wanting to either high five or probably climb the elephants! 😂

By the time we got around to the African Plains Martin was wrecked and daddy was repeatedly mentioning lunch plans. 😁😋 We got to see the gorilla’s up close which was exciting. Martin was tapping good-oh on the window trying to get their attention! It was when we were visiting the giraffes and Martin seemed more interested in the Covid signs that I caved and we found a picnic table to enjoy the treats I had packed in the cargo bike. Love a good picnic!

We decided to leave it at that so we didn’t go up to the wolves section, we stayed on the lower route so we could make our way out. In fairness, it was an awful lot for a 17 month old to take in and his eyes were hanging! A good sleep in the cargo bike was on the cards after just one last look out with daddy.

However, we couldn’t leave without visiting the shop on the way out, seeing as it was Martin’s first visit. I also wanted to support Dublin Zoo by getting something other than the coffees we bought at a kiosk along the way. I bought him a few books and a hat and then couldn’t resist a huge giant elephant in the stall outside the gates (which I know isn’t supporting Dublin Zoo!). Well it was his first visit and it looked hilarious in the cargo bike!!! Also, Martin’s face when we gave it to him says it all!!

It was such an enjoyable morning. One we will definitely be repeating regularly. Thank you Dublin Zoo!

The next morning Martin went like a bullet into the living room to play with his giant elephant we’re calling Ed and had a good read of his new books too! I call that a very successful trip!!

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