Trips with Daisy

This week we dog sat my sister’s dog Daisy. While it came with unexpected difficulties it was still lovely to see Martin enjoying the company of a (very cute) dog!

We strapped her into the cargobike and kept the journeys short and therefore local.

Millennium Park have a wild flower section that is blooming beautifully at the moment and with the gorgeous weather we got to enjoy the past week it just made it all the more sweet! I do think Fingal have missed a step here though. They have the space for it to be so much bigger and if they cut grass paths through it, it would be a magical spot. So if you’re reading this and work in Fingal, please consider passing on my clever suggestion, thanks! 😂

We cycled down to A Taste of Provence which is a lovely patisserie boulangerie on the Coolmine road down at the Blanchardstown village end. If you haven’t been and like good (proper) patisserie then make your way there, I highly recommend! FYI I’m a complete francophile so know what I’m taking about!!

Frank at Rosso’s Barbers beside the post office at the yellow entrance to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre gave Martin his first’ big boy’ hair cut. Thank you Frank! He worked so fast and with such little fuss Martin got on with it really well. The tears started near the end but Frank was practically finished by then! If you have a child who doesn’t like getting their hair cut then I recommend giving Frank a go, he was great!

You can’t not visit the beach in the kind of weather we got to enjoy last week. Poor Daisy was left at home in our shady garden. Couldn’t have her over heated!! Martin loved every minute of the beach. It really felt like we were in holidays abroad … so nice!

Bring on more good weather so that we can plan more great journeys on our cargobike!

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